Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Pook!

32 years old, yet she doesn't look a day over 10.
(nice dress Pook)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Sorhus Source - 2007 Edition

What a busy year this has been! It started out with us in Montana for the holidays and, amid a multitude of vehicle breakdowns and mishaps, moving Kristin to Provo to attend winter semester at BYU. Her sisters were taking bets on how long it would take her to get married if she went to school there. It didn’t take long—she met the man of her dreams during the first couple weeks of classes. Things were getting serious by Valentine’s Day. They were engaged in May and married in August in the Nauvoo Temple. Now, Mr. and Mrs. Jaren Hafen are newlyweds back at the Y.

Steven is still attending Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri. He’s finishing his bachelor’s degree this month, but will continue on for his master’s degree. He is also working at our local school in Green City and the neighboring school in Novinger. He does the computer support work for both of these schools. His wife Meg has ended her teaching and coaching career at Truman and is enjoying being at home with 3 year old Michael and taking art classes on the side. They enjoy their horses—Chance and Baldy, fish—(African Cichlids) too numerous to mention by name, and dog Indy (a Basenji) who will soon have a litter of puppies.

Allison is living in Monmouth, Oregon with husband Todd Bevans and four daughters—Sophia (8), Janelle (6), Brooke (6), and Clair (1). They all keep her busy, but she manages to do some substitute teaching at her daughter’s school in her spare time. Todd is working full time and going to law school. They had a new addition to their family this year—Phoebe Jane Muggles Bevans (a Puggle puppy).

Erin is in Helena, Montana with husband John Hill and children—Madisen (8), Johnny (6), Ellie (3), and Andy (1). John is managing a brand new Macaroni Grill restaurant and Erin takes care of things at home. She enjoys making quilts in her spare time. John doesn’t have any spare time right now, but he did manage to relax and get some fishing done this summer before the restaurant opened.

Shanna and husband Tann Barker live in Marysville, Washington. Tann works as an engineer for Boeing in nearby Everett. They are the parents of three children: Jacob (8), Keira (4), and Tommy (soon to be 1). Shanna is a wonderful Mom, wife, and homemaker and also finds time to help out at Jake’s school. Since living in that area, she has become a hockey fan and enjoys watching the local team play.

Jeremy is our favorite dentist. In fact, we travel all the way to Great Falls, Montana to sit in one of his reclining chairs. He is very generous and patient with his parental patients. Of course, the added benefit of going to the dentist includes a delightful stay at his growing home with wife Jill, and children Brandon (11), McKinley (9), Colton (5), and Austin (2). Colin has been helping him build an addition to his house. When he’s not doing that or working in someone’s mouth, Jeremy enjoys hiking, fishing, golfing, and going to BYU Cougar football games. Jill keeps busy with home and family, and entertaining frequent visitors. We love her hospitality!

We love it out here on the farm in Northeastern Missouri and have enjoyed our many visitors this past year. Lots of people came for the big event of the year--the wedding—and some at other times and for other reasons. We also managed to get away now and again with trips to Montana, Utah, Washington, Oregon and Branson, Missouri. Making memories is a big part of what life is about and we have certainly had an abundance of opportunities this year with experiences such as: moving Kristin to BYU, a life-changing visit from a young man working in Minneapolis for part of the summer, a subsequent trip to Utah to plan a wedding, a camping and hiking trip in bear country in Montana, a month-long visit from a granddaughter, a beautiful wedding in Nauvoo capped off with a reception in Kirksville complete with a horse and buggy ride for the newlyweds, an open house for the newlyweds in southern Utah, a fun-filled trip to Branson with close friends, and a week-long visit from other close friends here on the farm. Before the year is out we will travel back to Montana and Utah for the holidays and look forward to seeing Kristin and Jaren perform in a musical version of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” as Fred and Sally.

Our wish for all of you—our family and friends—is for a happy holiday season and a wonderful, healthy, and prosperous new year ahead! May God bless you all!